Namaste! welcome to my blog . I come from very small town in India called Mandi. It’s been a very wonderful and struggling journey from foot of renowned  Himalayas to  Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.  Currently I am full time employee of a company called home. I have worked for different IT companies in the past and that passion encouraged me to start a blog. I am big time foodie so obviously my niche will be based on culinary activities. Life is a learning process and you get to learn from people around you; I try to take all the good and encouraging things from people around me. My son is the only reason that I am back to blogging. My husband is a registered Pharmacist in Canada and he has been a great help for me to learn the concepts of medicines. I continuously enhance my knowledge towards the herbal supplements and Ayurveda.   Herbal supplements and Ayurveda can do wonders in treating minor and major ailments without prescription medications.  Also we can incorporate many herbal ingredients in our diet for natural healing and preventing chronic disorders.

I always wanted to start a blog on herbal products, Ayurveda and food and I feel that this is the right time to work on this arena.

THANK YOU for following my blog.
I feel honored and humbled daily that you would stop by and view my thoughts and experience. Have a great time ahead.